The Green Lantern to be released


 Green Lantern is scheduled to be released in 06/17/2011.

Directed by the director Martin Campbell its stars are Ryan Reynolds,Blake Lively,Peter Sarsgaard, Mark Strong.

Well the movie is rated PG13 and its runtime is still not available on the site.


The DC Comics character The Green Lantern is given his own feature with this Warner Bros. production that follows the Hal Jordan incarnation of the character. Casino Royale's Martin Campbell directs Ryan Reynolds in the title role.Well director Campbell isn’t interested in making the sequel for the movie.Director Campbell had already made the blockbuster movie of James Bond Golden Eye and The Mask of Zorro.He also directed Casino Royale. Well not making the sequel for the movie is bit surprising."This film has become the instruction manual if they do any further ones. It's what we call pipe laying," he says.


Well lets see what the film achieves. Comments please…!!!

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