Kim Kardashian had Butt X-Rayed


Kim Kardashian showed her picture(as seen above) in her twitter capturing photo with the Xray of her butt.

She decided to put all the controversies to end that she is sick and tired of defending her ass-ets.The reality star is constantly questioned as to whether her rear end is the real deal or fake.  So what's the only logical thing left to do? Just to show people what she can do..

Well the photo was published on the site of her and it shows how can she put end to those controversies of her.

This tweet was recently published at June 24 and one can see the picture and her tweet merged in one single photo.


  1. Kim Kardashian was born in October 21, 1980 in an American family. She is a television personality, actress, model, and recording artist.

    I love Kim Kardashian.

  2. well she is so sexy and most beautiful celebrity