Arnold and Maria reunited


Arnold and Maria Shriver were seen on a car for Arnold’s Birthday.

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver put aside their divorce differences yesterday when Maria met Arnold and the fam out shopping in Beverly Hills on Arnold's birthday.
It's nice to see the two communicate in person, rather than through lawyers.(TMZ)

They were spotted on a car for the shopping for his Birthday. Its nice to be with same person even after divorcing.

They were reunited to celebrate Arnie’s Birthday.


Britney Spears- World Ends Lyrics

Britney spears says the world ending on December 21,2012. Is this real just a hoax from her song “TILL THE WORLD ENDS”. The Starting of song video shows the date December 21st,2012 as below:

“Till the world ends” by Legendary Britney is after all hit song. She came back with such a blasting song and the result is outstanding.

The Lyrics for the song is below:

This Kitten Got Your Tong Tied In Knots I See
Spit It Out Cuz Im Dying For Company
I Notice That You Got It
You Notice That I Want It
You Know That I Can Take It To The Next Level Ba-by!
If You Want This Good Bitch
Sicker Than The Remix
Baby Let Me Blow Your Mind Tonight


X-Men Wolverine 2

Wolverine 2 is confirmed by Hugh Jackman. In this movie he falls in love with a Japanese woman whose hand in marriage is promised to another man. The forbidden romance puts Logan at war with her father and her samurai-sword-wielding brothers.

  • Release Date: TBA, 2012
  • Studio: 20th Century Fox
  • Genre: Action, Adventure, Science Fiction
  • Director: James Mangold
  • Screenwriter: Christopher McQuarrie
  • Official Website: X-MenOrigins.com
  • Starring: Hugh Jackman

In this movie Harada is a mutant with the unique ability to create tachyon fields that enable his katana to slice through anything but adamantium.

Plot Details

Logan falling in love with a Japanese woman whose hand in marriage is promised to another man. The forbidden romance puts Logan at war with her father and her samurai-sword-wielding brothers.


July 27, 2011 – Silver Samurai Villain in ‘Wolverine 2′. Actor Hugh Jackman confirmed that comic book adversary Silver Samurai is the central villain in the ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine’ sequel titled ‘The Wolverine’. Silver Samurai, real name Kenuichio Harada, is a self-styled samurai warrior who has played both hero and villain in Marvel Comics’. Harada is a mutant with the unique ability to create tachyon fields that enable his katana to slice through anything but adamantium.


Final Destination 5

Final destination is releasing on 08/12/2011 .Rated as R it is directed by Steven Quale.
Emma Bell, Nicholas D'Agosto, Miles Fisher, Arlen Escarpeta.

Runtime is still not available. It is a horror movie but not so much horror. it is a movie in which death chases people going to die.


Death stalks a group of co-workers who avoid a grisly demise in a massive suspension bridge collapse after one of them experiences a terrifying premonition in the fifth installment of the popular Final Destination series. Series regular Tony Todd returns in this sequel starring David Koechner, Emma Bell, Nicholas D'Agosto, and Miles Fisher.

This movie is not so qualitative to watch but it can be good to watch with friends as scary scenes are present in the movie making friends to hug you . Well in my opinion this movie might not be good. I only liked the final destination I. For those who are fans of horror movies I suggest you to watch the movie. I can make you piss…

To know whether this movie is scheduled on your town just enter the postal code. Click here


”The Hobbit” story released

The hobbit is the upcoming sequel of the movie The Lord of the Ring. Directed by Peter Jackson it is based on the children fantasy novel written by J.R.Tolkien. It is starring following stars with their respective role.

Hugo Weaving as Elrond

Martin Freeman as Bilbo Baggins

Elijah Wood as Frodo Baggins

Ian McKellen as Gandalf

Orlando Bloom as Legolas

Scheduled to be released at 14 December 2012 It is titled as The Hobbit:An Unexpected Journey


Gandalf tricks Bilbo Baggins into hosting a party for Thorin and his band of twelve dwarves. When the music ends, Gandalf unveils a map showing a secret door into the Mountain and proposes that the Bilbo serve as the expedition's "burglar". The dwarves ridicule the idea, but Bilbo joins despite himself.

The group then travel into the wild, where Gandalf saves them from trolls and leads them to Rivendell, where Elrond reveals more secrets from the map. Passing over the Misty Mountains, they are then caught by goblins and are driven deep underground.Though Gandalf rescues them, Bilbo gets separated. Lost in the goblin tunnels, he stumbles across a mysterious ring(The one Ring) and then encounters Gollum, who engages him in a game of riddles for the path out of the tunnels. With the help of the ring(which confers invisibility) Bilbo escapes and rejoins the dwarves, improving his reputation with them. The goblins and Wargs give chase but the company are saved by eagles before resting in the house of Beorn.

The company then enter the black forest of Mirkwood without Gandalf. In Mirkwood, Bilbo first saves the dwarves from giant spiders and then from the dungeons of the Wood-elves. Nearing the Lonely Mountain, the travellers are welcomed by the human inhabitants of Lake-town, who hope the dwarves will fulfil prophecies of Smaug's demise. The expedition travel to the Mountain and find the secret door; Bilbo scouts the dragon's lair, stealing a great cup and learning of a weakness in Smaug's armour. The enraged dragon sets out to destroy the town. A noble thrush who overheard Bilbo's report of Smaug's vulnerability reports it to Bard, who then slays the Dragon.

When the dwarves take possession of the mountain, Bilbo finds the Arkenstone and steals it. The Wood-elves and Lake-men besiege the Mountain and request compensation for their aid, reparations for Lake-town's destruction, and settlement of old claims on the treasure. Thorin refuses and reinforces his position. Bilbo tries to ransom the Arkenstone to head off a war, but Thorin is intransigent. He banishes Bilbo, and battle seems inevitable.

Gandalf reappears to warn all of an approaching army of goblins and Wargs. The dwarves, men, and elves band together, but only with the timely arrival of the eagles and Beorn do they win the climactic Battle of Five Armies. Thorin is fatally wounded and reconciles with Bilbo before he dies. Bilbo accepts only a small portion of his share of the treasure, but still returns home a very wealthy hobbit.(as from Novel)

The movie completes the storyline as shown little on the other parts of the movies. How did Bilbo get the one ring?? This was not completely shown on the previous parts of the movie.Though a small scene was shown on part 3 it was not full enough. Those who have read the novel might like to see the movie in 2012.

Let’s just hope that the movie is like the other parts,more entertaining and more serious. This film will fill the gaps of stories left to say on the previous movies. An entertaining movie will be The Hobbit.


Spiderman 4: An awaited movie

Spiderman 4: The Amazing Spiderman is releasing in 6 July 2012. It is directed by Marc Webb and starring actors like Andrew Garfield, Irrfan Khan and Denis Leary.Back in 2010 Sony had announced that they are cancelling their choice of making the movie with Sam Raimi and Toby Maguire who made the first part of Spiderman. Thus new crew members were made for the Spiderman 4.

Andrew Garfield was chosen for the role of Peter Parker in upcoming movie of Spiderman.On selecting Andrew Garfield to play Peter Parker/Spider-Man, director Marc Webb said, "Though his name may be new to many, those who know this young actor's work understand his extraordinary talents. He has a rare combination of intelligence, wit, and humanity. Mark my words, you will love Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker."

It is the first  "Spider-Man" film to not feature Mary Jane Watson. Mary Jane was in the original three films played by Kirsten Dunst.


This film is said to have same storyline as that of the first Spiderman Movie.Peter parker is an ordinary college guy who is one day bitten by a genetically made super spider. This cause him to have extraordinary power and he can throw webs, have indefinite strength,etc. Well the difference of this movie from the first part is that Mary Jane is not shown.

I think the director is influenced from the movie X-men first class.Making the same concept film again but with different actors is not satisfactory. Why does one watches any sequel for the movie. It is because one is in impression that the next movie will be good. If it has the same storyline as that of the first part, where’s the difference.

I might have thought after the Spiderman 3 there will be more twistical story. In the marvel one can see many antagonist of Spiderman like Scorpio, Rhino, Boomerang, Chameleon,Vulture, etc. Well making the movie with those villains can make it hit. I am amazed why the director started making film from the beginning. Well I hope this movie is good and doesn’t make the audience sad.


Planet of the Apes II is coming soon


Planet of the apes II is coming soon and is scheduled to release at August 5. Cast members include

Frieda pinto(actress from slumdog millionaire),

 James Franco,

John Lithgow,

Brain Cox,

Tom Felton,

Tyler Labine.

Directed by Rupert Wyatt it is rated as PG-13 and is classified under science fiction


The Escapist director Rupert Wyatt takes the helm for this Planet of the Apes prequel centering on genetically engineered chimp Caesar (Andy Serkis), who was created in a San Francisco lab by an ambitious father/son scientist team (John Lithgow and James Franco), and who uses his powerful intellect to lead an ape uprising against all of humankind.(Hollywood.com)



Gaga talks about $ex and Drugs


Lady Gaga being frank has never had a problem discussing personal details of her life with her Little Monsters.Gaga stopped by Stern's radio station for a nice one-on-one chat where the pair talked about the basics: sex, drugs, and music of course!!!

The radio host wasted no time in putting the pop singer on the spot by mentioning her past drug problems, stating, "When you talk about getting high, I mean, you were doing some hard core drugs, you were into coke and you loved Ecstasy so much."  Gaga replied saying, "No, not then...I did later."  The Judas singer explains that her reason for using drugs and dressing so eccentrically isn't for rebellious reasons, claiming "My past using any drugs or dressing any certain way was never a rebellion, it was never meant to be a f--k you."

According to her, she just wanted a way to feel good lamenting, "I think that I was lonely and there was something about the drugs that made me feel like I had a friend…I didn't do it with other people. I did it alone. I did it all alone in my apartment and I wrote music and you know what, I regret every line I ever did. So to any of the little sweethearts that are listening, don't touch it, it's the devil." But hey, she can't help it -- she was Born This Way.

Before ending the interview, Gaga gives a shout out and words of wisdom to all of her fans and Twitter followers saying, "I love you and I respect this show and I know you want to talk about sex and cocaine and all of that, but the truth is I don't want anyone doing drugs, a, and b, honestly you should wait as long as you can to have sex, because as a woman you don't even begin to enjoy it until your mid-20s. When you're 17, you don't even know how to operate what's going on down there and you shouldn't try."  Parents no longer need to give their children the sex talk with Gaga on the case.(Hollywood.com)

Britney: Ex bodyguard lying

Britney Spears has made a simple reaction to the latest allegations made by a former bodyguard who now claims Brit was on drugs, farted incessantly, and hardly showered.

Britney spears

Sources directly connected with Britney that the singer has a simple response to Fernando Flores' allegations -- "He's a liar." Fernando Flores -- who is suing Brit for sexual harassment -- now claims she uses methamphetamines, farts a lot, picks her nose and has terrible hygiene practices.
Flores only worked for Britney for a very short period of time.

Britney being a pop queen had already said that Flores was lying. Of course it would be unsuitable to star like Britney if he was right. It could make her reputation bad.


Jennifer lopez and Marc Anthony Splitting


The couple just released a statement, claiming, "We have decided to end our marriage. This was a very difficult decision. We have come to an amicable conclusion on all matters."
The story was first reported on People.com.
This will be Jennifer's THIRD divorce -- she was first married in 1997 to Ojani Noa, and again in 2001 to her backup dancer Cris Judd and this will be Marc's second divorce.
The couple got married in 2004 in their Beverly Hills home. They have two children.
Marc and JLo renewed their vows just last year on their 6th anniversary -- and back in May, they gave a steamy performance together on the season finale of "American Idol."(TMZ)


Kim Kardashain will have 1000 guests

There have been numerous rumors regarding Kim Kardashian's wedding that one should know about. One is that Kim and Kris have invited 1,000 people to help them celebrate their wedding. Another thing is that Kim is having all of the people who attend her wedding sign confidentiality agreements.What a Fuss!! Another thing is that they've set a date: August 20th. Another is that Kris, the mom, got a face-lift. Another is that Khloe is planning Kim's bachelorette party, and she says it's going to be "super dirty." Khloe said, "I want to do it as bad as possible because she's so uncomfortable by it, and it's funny. For my bachelorette party, it was so over the top...so I want to be as annoying as possible with the bachelorette thing."

Well what’s the meaning of signing the confidentiality when they are going to be married. Isn’t this fuss or just show-off. Well probably the best method to get loads of attraction.

Gaga’s you tube page suspended

Lady gaga’s fans everywhere cried out in horror and outrage when they discovered that her YouTube page has been suspended. if we go to the singer's account on the site we would find the words “This account has been suspended due to multiple or severe violations of YouTube’s Copyright Policy.”  What’s the meaning of this? And more importantly -- who do we point the finger at for the closing of account temporarily?

Apparently the account suspension is said to be due to a recent performance Gaga had on Japanese TV.  Reports are claiming that the account was put on ice because the Born This Way diva posted her performance on Fuji TV’s SMAP x SMAP, without proper permission which is a huge legal faux pas.

So far the lady gaga about the YouTube suspension, but did tweet about her excitement for the SMAP show saying,“My performance+cooking show appearance on SMAP SMAP is airing now in Japan. Kawaii Monsters!”

Let’s hope that the page was temporarily disabled and is enabled soon. We will see you soon gaga


Cowboy and Aliens releasing on 7/29

Cowboy and Aliens is going to be released at July 29 shortly after released of Harry potter.Directed by Jon Favreau its runtime and rating is not still available though.It is scientific fiction film.Cast members include:

Daniel Craig

Olivia Wilde

Harrison Ford

Sam Rockwell.


Based on the novel by Scott Mitchell Rosenberg, Cowboys & Aliens starts in 1800s Arizona, where the local cowboys, headed by gunslinger Zeke Jackson (Daniel Craig), and the indigenous Apache tribe have been feuding fiercely for quite a while. Their skirmish is interrupted, however, by the appearance of a spaceship, commanded by an alien creature that's bent on enslaving the human race. It's time for a six-gun shoot-out between these cattle rustlers and space invaders, and there might even be a temporary peace between the cowboys and Indians as they both take aim at these extraterrestrial uninvited guests. Jon Favreau directs from a script by Star Trek scribes Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci, with help from Lost's Damon Lindelof. Olivia Wilde, Harrison Ford, and Sam Rockwell fill out the headlining cast. (Hollywood.com)


Halle Berry got restraining order

Halle Berry just got a restraining order against the alleged stalker who invaded her property 3 times in three days and one of the confrontations is downright scary.

An L.A. County Superior Court judge just issued the The Restraining Order, ordering Richard Franco to stay clear of Halle, her family and her home.Franco jumped the wall of Halle's Hollywood Hills home on Saturday, Sunday and Monday.  Franco was arrested late Monday night after jumping the back wall of Halle's property.

According to the Halle's declaration, "As I opened my glass kitchen door and closed it behind me, all of a sudden I sensed someone behind me and turned to see the intruder standing less than a foot behind me, staring through my glass kitchen door."

Halle continues, "Panicking and in fear of my life, I turned my body and quickly hit the deadbolt lock on the glass door.  I grabbed my phone and ran as fast as I could upstairs, slamming each door behind me as I ran."  She then called 911 immediately.Halle says, "He has terrorized me and my family in three consecutive incidents over the last three days," also by adding, "This person has invaded and trampled upon the most fundamental sense of security I have and I am extremely frightened of him and what he might do to me and those I love."

Franco is still in custody.

A full hearing for a permanent restraining order is set for August 1.


Date of birth:August 14, 1966

Born in:Cleveland, Ohio, U.S.

Occupation:Actress,former fashion model, and beauty queen

Movie: x-men(storm), Die Another Day, Cat women,  Swordfish

Sanjay Dutt and Priyanka Chopra In RA.ONE


Shah Rukh Khan is leaving no stone unturned to make his dream project Ra.One a film to remember. Adding to the star quality in the project he has now asked two of his good friends to do a cameo in the film: Priyanka Chopra and Sanjay Dutt. Both of them have been shooting together for Karan Johar’s Agneepath remake, and according to sources both willingly agreed to appear in Ra.One.

Well it is probably the second animated movie in Bollywood after Love story 2050. I think the movie is Inspired from Hollywood movie Tron.

The cameo apparently has Shah Rukh, Sanjay Dutt and Priyanka coming together in a very stylised action sequence. “When they approached Sanjay Dutt, his dates were blocked with Karan Johar for Agneepath. Karan,friend of SRK graciously gave a few of Dutt’s dates for Ra.One, and both he and SRK requested Dutt to do the cameo.And he immediately agreed.” Sanjay Dutt even suggested some own ideas for the scene so Shah Rukh and Sinha extended the shooting with him, which was to be for just one day, by some days more. “SRK and Anubhav want Sanjady Dutt to do some great action scenes. Sanjay Dutt is very excited about doing such hard-hitting action again and has been giving his inputs to the scenes,” reveal the source.


Former Disney star Hilary Duff in bikini

Former Disney Star Hillary Duff was spotted in a beach Posing photos in Bikini.

She flaunted her grown up womanly curves in a black bikini while on vacation in Italy this weekend.

The 23-year-old has developed an impressive body of work.

Want to Know more about Hillary duff

Born:September 28, 1987(age 23)

Birth name:Hilary Erhard Duff

Occupations:Actress, singer, fashion model, songwriter, fashion designer, film producer, spokesperson, author

2000–2003: Lizzie McGuire, rise to fame and Metamorphosis
2004–2006: Hilary Duff, A Cinderella Story and Most Wanted
2007–2008: Dignity, independent film roles and Best of Hilary Duff
2009–present: Television appearances and young adult novels

Beckham’s baby borned


It is reported that the baby of Victoria and David Beckham is born. The couple had previously have three sons and were said to be damn sure of having a girl. Well the girl,I think,would be future fashionista.

According to People, the littlest Becks weighed in at 7 lbs., 10 oz. No name has been announced as of yet.

Just days ago, David gleefully showed off a snapshot of his expectant wife his official
Well it is a good moment for David Beckham to be a father.

Well to remind David Beckham’s sons name are Brooklyn, Romeo, and Cruz


Harry potter 7 II complete crew list


Harry potter and the deathly hallows is now on its apex to be released at 07/15/2011 that is after 4 days from now.Now it is rated ad PG-13. following is the complete list of crew performing on the finale of harry potter. I guess this movie will earn a lot will be the blockbusters.

Though the list is incomplete but it contains all the important characters. Though some missing are there, I would like to add some in next article.

Daniel Radcliffe

Harry Potter

Rupert Grint

Ron Weasley

Emma Watson


Helena Bonham Carter

Bellatrix Lastrange

Ralph Fiennes

Lord Voldemort

Michael Gambon

Albus Dumbeldore

Alan Rickman

Professor Snape

Bonnie Wright

Ginny Weasley

John Hurt

Mr. Ollivander

Jason Isaacs

Lucius Malfoy

Katie Leung

Cho chang

Afshan Azad

Padma Patil

Alfie Enoch

Dean Thomas

Matthew Lewis

Neveille Longbottom

Tom Felton

Draco Malfoy

Harry Melling

Dudley Dursley

Richard Griffiths

Vernon Dursley
James Phelps Fred Wesley

Geraldine Somerville

Lily Potter
Well friends aren’t you going to watch the movie. Even who haven't seen all parts can find this movie entertaining and believe me you wont regret. It is last part of the movie.Fans of Harry potter will miss the movie and I believe J.K.Rowling will write another novel that is as good as Harry Potter. Farewell Harry potter..


Stage fire on Rihanna concert


Rihanna‘s concert in Dallas on Friday night was forced to end early after a fire broke out on stage! Her LOUD Tour came to a halt when the pyrotechnics got out of control during the end of her hit song “California King Bed.” Rihanna exited the stage when fireworks started raining down.

A video posted on YouTube showed a fire burning at the top of the stage at the American Airlines Center, with some sparks falling toward the floor. Concertgoers had to be evacuated. After the show, the pop star posted several messages on Twitter following the incident.

“DALLAS!!! We set the stage on FYAH tonight!!! LITERALLY!!! I’m so (mad), I was havin so much fun wit yall too!!! I gotta come back man!!”

No word on what exactly went wrong, but Rihanna assured her fans that her other concert dates would be on schedule.Though some fans have already asked for refunds, it’s thought that the “S&M” star will return at the next available date to do the show from scratch.


Will Captain America be good?


Captain America is a Sci-Fi movie that is going to be released at 07/22/2011. Though the rating and runtime is still not available its cast-members include following actors:

Chris Evans, Hugo Weaving, Tommy Lee Jones, Sebastian Stan

Directed by Joe Johnston it is an action category film.


Marvel Studios is bringing  their prodigious patriot to the big screen with this WWII-set adventure regarding a once-meek U.S. soldier-turned-hero thanks to an experimental super serum, granting strength and agility far beyond a normal human being. The Wolfman's Joe Johnston directs from a script by Chronicles of Narnia screenwriters Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely. The production will be followed up two months later with The Avengers, teaming the character with other Marvel screen heroes for the first time on the big screen.(from Hollywood.com)

Lady gaga is sick….

Lady gaga is said to be sick and obsessed. Investigative journalist Ian Halperin made allegations about Lady Gaga, insisting that the performer is "sick" and "obsessed" with her weight along with having a dangerous drug addiction.Halperin, who has been investigating Gaga over the course of 12 months for his next book, reveals that "Those who have worked with her on tour reported to me that Gaga barely ate for weeks at a time to fit into her costume."  He goes on to say that, "She is sick and obsessed with her weight. One friend told me, Gaga will stare at herself in the mirror for hours on end, analyzing and critiquing her body. It's an unhealthy obsession."


Gaga has admitted to having lupus, but according to Halperin's reports, "Her lupus is far worse than she lets on...part of the reason she wears wigs and makeup is because her hair is falling out and she's covered in red blotches, both side effects of the disease."

Well asking me,its just piece of nonsense and nothing at all. Halperin had previously made prediction of King of POP’s death. Well for the fans of famous Lady Gaga, it may be disappointing news. I too is fan of lady gaga and think this is absurd.


Pop Queen Madonna Biography


Madonna known as Pop queen was born on August 16,1958. Aged 52 she is the most recognized idol on the pop industry. Here’s I have provided a short Biography on her. Below is the snapshot of Madonna taken from her song 4 minutes collaboration with Justin Timberlake.


Early life:

Madonna was born on August 16,1958 at Bay City, Michigan, United States.Her original name is Madonna Louise Ciccone.Her mother, Madonna Louise (née Fortin), was of French Canadian descent, and her father, Silvio Anthony Ciccone, is a first-generation Italian American.Madonna was nicknamed "Little Nonni" to distinguish her from her mother.Her mother died of breast cancer at the age of 30 in 1963.After her mother died Madonna eventually learned to take care of herself and her siblings, and she turned to her grandmother in the hope of finding some solace and some form of her mother in her.

She attended St. Frederick's and St. Andrew's Elementary Schools, and then West Middle School. She was known for her high grade point average, and achieved notoriety for her unconventional behavior: she would perform cartwheels and handstands in the hallways between classes, dangle by her knees from the monkey bars during recess, and pull up her skirt during class—all so that the boys could see her underwear.

Madonna later attended Rochester Adams High School, and was a straight-A student and a member of the cheerleading squad. After graduating, she received a dance scholarship to the University of Michigan.

Musical Career:

1982–1985: Madonna, Like a Virgin and marriage to Sean Penn
1986–1991: True Blue, Like a Prayer
1992–1996: Maverick,Bedtime Stories and Evita
1997–2002: Ray of Light
2003–2006: American Life and Confessions on a Dance Floor
2007–2009: Live Nation, Hard Candy
2010–present: W.E


Guinness world record for most hit songs

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

"Billboard Hot 100 All-Time Top Artists

Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in Motion Picture Musical or Comedy for her role in Evita (1996)

top-selling female artist


Terminator’s actor now terminated

Maria Shriver officially filed for divorce against Arnold Schwarzenegger. On the divorce papers, she cited "irreconcilable differences" as her reason to dissolve their 25 year marriage, and she's also seeking spousal support.Also Maria is seeking joint custody of their two children who are under 18, and she's also requested that Arnold pay for both of their attorney fees.

It is agreed that the property they possess is to be divided equally between them.It is reported that Arnold and Maria are now on speaking terms, and that Arnold knew that Maria was planning on filing the divorce papers, and that she's been telling her friends that her goal is to end the marriage quickly and amicably. Well is is a sad news for Arnold to dissolve such long marriage and get another spouse. Terminator actor is so now terminated by her wife on divorce papers.


Lady Gaga Picture Collection


Lady gaga picture is different from other celebrities and the picture below the post explain it.

It is snapshot from the video not any copyrighted materials. Like the photos and comment on it.






Well the picture collection doesn’t have all photos but yes it is a complete one. All picture are equally good.

Lady gaga is a great celebrity….

Harry potter casting final spell


 Harry potter and the deathly hallows 2 is the most awaited film nowadays. It has its slogan saying “It all ends here”. In this movie he is fighting Lord Voldemort . It is like war movie said Daniel Redcliff in Reuters.

Here harry is fighting Lord Voldemort and kills him by his own curse mostly used in film as “Avada ka Davra”.

The cast and crew have promised the most explosive Potter movie yet, even though computer-generated special effects and action scenes have been predominant throughout. Fans are happy as well as sad because it is the last installment of the movie series and mostly the big hitting movie.

"I've had eight years of my life with something to look forward to with the next Harry Potter, and it's about to end," said Ren Bishop, a 21-year-old from Springfield, Missouri in the United States.

The seven movies released so far, starting with "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's (Sorcerer's) Stone" in 2001, have grossed $6.4 billion at the box office, averaging close to $1 billion per picture.

Also J.K Rowling is launching a site called www.pottermore.com for fans of Harry potter.