Final Destination 5

Final destination is releasing on 08/12/2011 .Rated as R it is directed by Steven Quale.
Emma Bell, Nicholas D'Agosto, Miles Fisher, Arlen Escarpeta.

Runtime is still not available. It is a horror movie but not so much horror. it is a movie in which death chases people going to die.


Death stalks a group of co-workers who avoid a grisly demise in a massive suspension bridge collapse after one of them experiences a terrifying premonition in the fifth installment of the popular Final Destination series. Series regular Tony Todd returns in this sequel starring David Koechner, Emma Bell, Nicholas D'Agosto, and Miles Fisher.

This movie is not so qualitative to watch but it can be good to watch with friends as scary scenes are present in the movie making friends to hug you . Well in my opinion this movie might not be good. I only liked the final destination I. For those who are fans of horror movies I suggest you to watch the movie. I can make you piss…

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