Former Disney star Hilary Duff in bikini

Former Disney Star Hillary Duff was spotted in a beach Posing photos in Bikini.

She flaunted her grown up womanly curves in a black bikini while on vacation in Italy this weekend.

The 23-year-old has developed an impressive body of work.

Want to Know more about Hillary duff

Born:September 28, 1987(age 23)

Birth name:Hilary Erhard Duff

Occupations:Actress, singer, fashion model, songwriter, fashion designer, film producer, spokesperson, author

2000–2003: Lizzie McGuire, rise to fame and Metamorphosis
2004–2006: Hilary Duff, A Cinderella Story and Most Wanted
2007–2008: Dignity, independent film roles and Best of Hilary Duff
2009–present: Television appearances and young adult novels

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