Kim Kardashain will have 1000 guests

There have been numerous rumors regarding Kim Kardashian's wedding that one should know about. One is that Kim and Kris have invited 1,000 people to help them celebrate their wedding. Another thing is that Kim is having all of the people who attend her wedding sign confidentiality agreements.What a Fuss!! Another thing is that they've set a date: August 20th. Another is that Kris, the mom, got a face-lift. Another is that Khloe is planning Kim's bachelorette party, and she says it's going to be "super dirty." Khloe said, "I want to do it as bad as possible because she's so uncomfortable by it, and it's funny. For my bachelorette party, it was so over the top...so I want to be as annoying as possible with the bachelorette thing."

Well what’s the meaning of signing the confidentiality when they are going to be married. Isn’t this fuss or just show-off. Well probably the best method to get loads of attraction.

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