America inviting Human centipede 3


Netherlands native director Tom Six,who directed Human Centipede duology, has announced that he's planning a third Human Centipede film, which he says will be made "entirely in America," according to Empire Online.Six, whom Empire describes as "a disarmingly gentle soul," claims Human Centipede 3 will make the UK-banned Human Centipede 2"look like a Disney film."Human centipede poster

Six said “We’re going to shoot the third film entirely in America and it’s going to be my favourite,” he enthused to a Big Screen crowd. “It’s going to upset a lot of people.” The director also confirmed that part three would be the last of his Centi-series, in a stitch guaranteeing cinema its most extreme trilogy.Despite his protestations, Six was asked if he might feel a temptation to dust off the sandpaper for a fourth instalment. “No. Never, ever.”


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