Bands like M2M are lost


Did we ever remembered M2MM2M band? it is one of the band formed during the 1999 and was splitted at 2002.

Marit Larsen and Marion Raven were the singers of the band M2M. They were Norwegians and were the best of the best band when they were present at the time.They released three albums under Atlantic Records and Warner Music: Shades of Purple, The Big Room, and The Day You Went Away: The Best of M2M, a greatest hits album released by their record label after they disbanded.


2000- Shade of Purple

2002- The Big Room

2003-The Day You Went Away


  • nominated for the "Best Song" category and won the "Best German Group" honors.
  • In June 2000, M2M was named "Discovery of the Year" by the Singapore Radio Association.[21]
  • nominated for the "Best Group" award at the 2001 Spelleman Awards.
  • nominated for the "Favorite Pop Act" at the 2002 MTV Asia music awards.
  • nominated for "best international artist" at M+net awards korea


Don’t say you love me,Mirror Mirror,Dear Diary,Pretty Boy

Why do we forget the old bands like M2M. Those were the days when there was no lady gaga, no rihanna. Music at the 90’s were music actually. These are the songs even when heard are musical to ear. Please do remember old bands and the old music's. We love natural songs not like just singing for the sake of singing. Music should touch the heart and should have feelings in them not like today’s music’s.