Keira Knightley and Lily Collins in the Race for Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet: It is the  most timeless love story in literary history.The plot kicks off when Montague boy spots the demure Capulet girl at a masquerade party. From the moment he catches sight of her, his heart is stolen, and he forgets all about the last girl he was with. What was her name? Yes she was Rosaline. Did anyone ever wondered what happened to her?  Rebecca Serlesis the one who actually wrote a book about it.The book is entitled ‘When You Were Mine’ and is going to be adapted into a film: Rosaline, starring either Keira Knightley or Lily Collins are on the race for getting the role.

Keira and lily
The film will take a look at the Romeo and Juliet story from the perspective of the Romeo's unseen ex.Responsible for the script are Scott Neustadter and Michael H. Weber and Michael Sucsy.

Let’s she who wins the race and got the role for playing Rosaline in Romeo and Juliet. Whose side are you on???


  1. nice work

  2. I like Khira, she is very talented actress! I'm waiting this movie!

  3. i too think keira will be selected for the role. Movie might be coming after 2012