Trailer for Ghost Rider:Spirit of Vengeance is out

Ghost Rider, a stunt driver who sold his soul to the devil as a teenager and spends a good portion of his time as a motorcycle-driving, bad guy-beating, flaming skull dude.It was a hard character but was bored on comics.But the 2007 movie made our Nicki(Nicholas Cage) a flaming superhero thus making the movie to earn more for the upcoming part. Now the trailer for Ghost Rider:Spirit Of Vengeance is out on Apple site.

In this short tease of footage, we can see Ghost Rider speeding around on his flaming bike, grabbing thugs with his chain and barfing fire all over the place. Well I have heard that another part of Ghost Rider i.e. Ghost Rider Vs. Prince of Darkness. What a insane title for the movie. But I personally don’t think that the movie will release it’s next sequel again.

Well in my earlier post I have published the theatrical poster of the movie Ghost Rider:Spirit of Vengeance .Well the actress may make the movie a bit good.

Here’s the trailer for the movie. Check it out.

Ghost Rider:Spirit Of Vengeance Trailer

That’s our favorite Nicholas Cage. Check it’s the official video of the movie coming on 2012. Rocking Video isn’t is?? I guess movie will be a blockbuster in my view.

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