Sanjay Dutt Bald look is inspired from Marlon Brando

Though Karan Johar can say that he created a perfect bald look for Sanjay in movie Agneepath to be coming on January 13,2012 but what I am saying that the look was much earlier created in movie Apocalypse Now starring Marlon Brando.

Yes!! Don’t you believe?? I can show you both picture of Sanjay and Marlon Brando. Compare and you will easily know the difference. Apocalypse Now was released in August 15,1979.

I am not directly assaulting Bollywood for plagiarism but the case is that if the look is influenced from Marlon Brando then Johar should give credit for the director Francis Ford Coppola. 

Well though some of the story is matched with Hollywood movie Scarface starring Al Pacino but it is only a bit inspired from the movie. Well I just wonder how the bald look of Sanjay got popular while same for Marlon Brando was not so much popular.

Here’s both actor’s picture check below to compare them and leave a response