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After RA.ONE we can say Don 2 is the most anticipated movie of Shahrukh Khan. It is an action thriller film directed by Farhan Akhtar .Its prequel Don was released in 2006 which was remake of 1978 Don.The film is starring Shahrukh Khan, Priyanka Chopra,Boman Irani, Om Puri, Lara Dutta and Kunal Kapoor in supporting roles. Scheduled to be releasing in December 23,2011 it will be in 2D and 3D.



  • Shahrukh Khan as Don
  • Priyanka Chopra as Roma
  • Lara Dutta as Ayesha
  • Kunal Kapoor as Sameer
  • Boman Irani as Vardhaan
  • Om Puri as Vishal Malik


Don 2In 2006 with the ever looming dangers of the underworld in Malaysia, Don broke the morale of his associates by infiltrating the gang with an alias and taking advantage of the enmity of Singhania & Vardhaan. He rose to become the undisputed King of the underworld with his shrewd mind and merciless tactics.

The police in their pursuit of Don unknowingly hired the very man they were trying to hunt. Don used this to his advantage and let the police and his former associates battle each other while he escaped much to the bewilderment of everyone leaving no traces of evidence of his whereabouts.

Having conquered the Asian underworld, Don (Khan) now has his sights set on European domination. In his way are the bosses of the existing European underworld and all law enforcement agencies.

The action shifts from Kuala Lumpur to Berlin as Don must avoid assassination or arrest, whichever comes first, in order for his plan to succeed.(Wikipedia.org)

This movie will be released at the time of Christmas in India. Its music will be released in November 17. The film's original score and soundtrack has been composed by the trio Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy. It will be also available in Tamil and Telegu Versions.

Official website of Don 2 is available here

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