Bollywood Movie Don 2 Net Grossing In India and overseas

Shah Rukh Khan's new action movie Don 2 saw an opening-day collection of Rs 15.3 crore on Friday.This is the highest-ever first-day collection for a Bollywood movie released on a non-holiday on Friday.Though the figure is way below the first-day collection of Bodyguard that raked in Rs 21.5 crore on day one when it opened during the festive weekend of Eid.

Don 2 was released in 2,850 domestic screens, of which 500 prints were in 3D, besides 650 screens in 41 other countries.The film also opened with dubbed Telugu and Tamil prints in the Indian market.

Internationally Don 2 did a gross of US $3.8 million on its first day. The North America gross on Friday was US$ 550,000 while it made to the UK Top 10 list after a Wednesday release, grossing US$ 527,000. The film grossed US$ 930,000 in the Middle East.Don 2 became the highest single-day grossing Bollywood movie in Australia when it grossed US$ 82,000.

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