New Movie Men In Black 3 will be coming in 2012

MIB 3 teaser Poster
Man In Black is scheduled to be releasing on May 25, 2012 ten years after MIB 2.It is a 3D scientific,comedy action film directed by Barry Sonnenfeld. It is Starring Will Smith, Tommy Lee Johns and Josh Brolin.MIB 2 was released at 2002 and this time is for MIB 3. At this point of time Plot is unknown but we have some hints about the movie. The Movie will be about Agent J and K united in time travel adventure.
    The Film is produced by Steven Spielberg,Walter F. Parkes and Laurie MacDonald.It is based in "The Men in Black" by Lowell Cunningham.

 This is Will Smith's first film in 3.5 years. It is his longest duration he has gone without appearing in a movie since his film career started in 1993. Also Betty White was originally rumored to have a role. 

This is all we know about MIB 3. More information will be revealed soon.

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