Watch or Not Movie Underworld:Awakening releasing on January 20,2012

Underworld: Awakening 
Release Date: 01/20/2012
Rating: R
Runtime: 88Minutes
Genre: Horror,Vampire,Werewolf
Director: Bjorn Stein
Cast: Kate Beckinsale, Stephen Rea, Michael Ealy, Charles Dance\
Six months after the events of Underworld: Evolution, Selene was captured by humans. Eventually both government officials and the public learn about the existence of the two immortal species of Vampires and Lycans. A crusade and all-out war has begun: study and eradicate. After being imprisoned in cryogenic suspension for 12 years, Selene manages to escape the facility.

The movie is Interesting for the movie lovers who like to watch the vampires or Werewolf Genre. This movie is releasing in 3D. So the movie can be breath-taking for the watchers.
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  2. I was pleasantly surprised. Underworld Awakening is an engaging and suspenseful action movie from the beginning.
    It is everything an action movie should be and the action and related suspense is well done.
    But it is more than just meaningless action. It has a good story to it.
    The desires and motivations of the characters are well portrayed. There are a number of surprises and plot twists as well.
    What I'm trying to say is that the action is driven by the motivation, desires and emotions of Selene and the other characters.
    The movie does move at a frenetic, breakneck pace but there is depth in the story, not just meaningless action.