Best Suspense Movies To Watch At Weekend Before you Go to Sleep..

So this is your weekend and you want to watch a best suspense movie. In my view a suspense movie will dazzle you and whenever you want to sleep it will strike your mind how enigmatic the movie was. Here I have given some movie list which is best suspense genre movie. I myself have watched those and bet that they are best. So here’s the list.

ALFERD HITCHCOCK’S ROPE: It is one of my best movie made by Alferd Hitchcock. It has story about two friends who has mistakenly killed one of their Friends. It is a very curious movie and the best thing about this movie is how they are caught at the end.

SHERLOCK HOLME'S A GAME OF SHADOWS: Ah yes! This is the movie that dazzled me a lot. My god it was so twisted that one has to see every scene so carefully.If you are lover of psycho movies, you must see this movie. Sherlock Holme's is a detective and very talented in catching criminals. In this movie he has a rival and he is J. Moriarty. 

FIGHT CLUB: So if you're fan on Brad Pitt you will probably like the movie. It is also one of my best movie that has very complex story and it is about delusion.

MEMENTO: My God! this was the movie that i haven't Understood till now. It has story in ascending and descending order and it is very difficult to understand the story. I bet you will tell one story about the film and your friend will tell another version of story about the film.

These are my best suspense movie list. If you have any other best suspense movie please tell me about it in comment section. Have nice Weekend!!!


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